I’m back!

Well, the hand dryers that are in most bathrooms that predate 2008 are made in the US!  Yeah!!  Another small victory for us.

I have also found out that as I thought, if a product says distributed in the US it is probably made outside the US.  THis is just a way of putting US on the label.  What a shame…  Are we that dumb that we couldn’t see through that?

I want to keep this positive versus negative so I’ll keep looking around and please let me know what you find that is made in our US.  Thanks.

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Why am I blogging?

The little I have written has caused me to examine why I started this in the first place.  Am I a fanatic that will now only use products made in the USA?  Am I anti-non-USA?  The answer is different than I thought it would be.

I’m curious to find out what is made, manufactured or grown in the US vs. other countries.  It started at the grocery store when the fruits in the produce department are from other countries.  And I live where it’s warm most of the year.  We’re the tomato capital of the US!!  SO, it’s just a curiosity.  What does a wonderful, progressive, independent, prosperous country produce?  What are we known for??  That’s what I’m looking for.  Along the way I’m becoming more aware and my choices may be different in the future and the deciding factors may include “is it made in the US?” but it won’t be the deal breaker.

For example, one of my passions is quilting.  Therefore I utilize my sewing machine a lot!  Is it made in the US?  Absolutely not.  WIll I shop for the next one from the US?  Probably not.  Why?  Because there are GREAT machines made in other countries.  This is actually what caused me to reflect on the why of this blog.  Sorry if you are disappointed or are looking for another type of USA blog.

I’m happy that I live in this country and hope that I come up with some wonderful things that we are “BEST”at making.  With that said, I’ll write again another day.

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Distributed by …

Well, time and time again I’m bumping into things that do not say made in USA but say “distributed by” and name an American company with a US address.  I’m taking that to mean NO – not made in the USA.

I’m far from being an electronics geek but none of my “tools” are made here.  No surprise.  Today, doing more laundry (with a mom in a nursing home laundry is never-ending!) I found that jeans that I thought were made in USA are “assembled in the Dominican Republic from US components”.  So it’s less expensive to grow stuff here (the jeans are cotton and polyester), ship it out of the US, have it assembled, shipped back to the US and then sold.  I’ll let you in on a secret here.  We’re not talking “high-end” jeans.  These are made under a private label for one of the large department stores.  YIKES!

Continuing down the clothing path I have looked at every label left in my closet.  After looking at 28 shirts I found 1 more polo shirt made by Anvil Knitwear in Mullins, South Carolina!!!!!  The balance of my tops have traveled the globe.  I think I’ll take a peak at hubby’s shirts.

Well, I found one shirt made by HRLA in Los Angeles, CA, one shirt each made by MyDyer.com, H.L.Miller, (2)Murina, ANVIL, All Sport Events, Vantage and LL Bean.  I also found several that were “made in not USA of USA components”.

What is interesting to me is to see who is having their products made outside the US.  It shocks me that people like Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffett have some of their t-shirts produced in other countries.  Many designers disappoint me too.  I would think that US designers would want to have their garments say “made in USA”.  Maybe it’s not the big deal I’m making it out to be but to me ist’s disappointing.  I would like to think anything they put their name on they would have their values and  certain pride associated with it.  Oh well, I’ll step off the soap box and let you get back to your day.

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We’re at day three

I’m out of the shower and now to get dressed.  Let’s just say that the brands of undergarments that I currently have are not made in the USA.  Again, I will not be throwing these away but replacing with ones that hopefully are made in America.

My polo shirt is made in USA.  I wish I could share with you the manufacturer but I have cut all but the care label out so no deal.  I will from now on share the manufacturers with you so that if you want to do something similar you can see who I’ve bumped into that are “made in USA”.

I’m dressed and today is one of my off days so it’s on to the laundry.  Let’s see what we’ve got there.  The laundry soap I use for most of our wash is not made in America.  The Woolite that I use for our delicates is made in the USA as is the Publix fabric softener sheets.  As an added benefit to those that care about the environment we live in and will pass to our children, the carton for the Publix dryer sheets is from 100% recycled paper board.  I even took a peek at the overhead storage unit that I use in the laundry room to store the laundry products and it is manufactured by Steelcase in the USA.  Yeah!  Sadly though, the washer and dryer are not made in America.

Till tomorrow.

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Day two

OK.  I did my homework.  It took turning over all 7 clock radios and travel alarms but I did find one that said made in the USA.  Yeah!  So, the alarm rings this morning and I’m up and in the shower.  I’ll need to research if my “scrubbies” are made in the US as I’ve already removed the tags.

My body wash is made in the US as are my towels.  BUT, my face cleanser says “distributed in the USA”.  Makes me think that it is not made here then.  I will do some research and see what I find.

I’m not opposed to anything made outside the US this is just a curiosity of mine to see what is and isn’t produced in the US.  I may not replace the items immediately, but it will make me think about my future purchases a little differently.

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Good morning USA

Everyday for several weeks I have asked myself if I could go for one day or perhaps one week without using or eating anything that is not made in the good old USA.  Sounds easy, right?

So, my alarm goes off.  Is my alarm clock made in the US?  Let’s look.  No it’s not.  So – today my assignment is to find an alarm clock made in the USA and I’ll be back tomorrow to see how much further I get.  Is your alarm clock made in the USA?

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